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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Checking Vision and Eye Health, in Blaine, MN

eye exams Blaine MNFor lasting, quality eyesight, everyone needs to have regular eye exams performed by an eye care professional. At Dr. Krietlow & Associates, we provide expert evaluations of your ocular health and visual acuity. A family-friendly practice located in Northtown Mall, we serve new and existing patients from the neighborhoods of Blaine, Fridley and Coon Rapids. We invite all members of your family, from infants to seniors, to schedule an appointment and benefit from our comprehensive eye examinations!

Dr. Chad Krietlow and our entire optometric team will ensure that you receive detailed diagnoses and accurate vision prescriptions. Visual acuity screening is only one part of a complete eye assessment. Using advanced tools and progressive digital technology, we’ll inspect your inner eye tissues to look for any signs of abnormalities. A thorough eye exam is the only way to rule out or confirm detection of many ocular diseases, such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and cataracts.

Pediatric eye exams will assess your child’s whole visual system for healthy functional eyesight. An undetected vision condition can put your child at serious risk for learning problems. Picking up on these conditions early is the best way to prevent many developmental delays and difficulties in school. At our Blaine, MN, clinic, Dr. Krietlow will check your kid’s eyes expertly with a pleasant and gentle manner.

What is a comprehensive eye exam?

The specific tests and procedures that we use in our eye examinations vary depending upon your age and personal health considerations. We will customize our ocular exams to meet your needs, in our Blaine office. The basic process includes:

  1. Case history: we encourage you to share all details about your general health, medications, any visual complaints you may have and your family eye history.
  2. Preliminary tests: we’ll assess your eye mobility, color vision, response of your pupils to light and peripheral vision
  3. Eye teaming: you need binocular vision to see full depth. We’ll check how well your eyes team and work together to accommodate (focus) with near and far vision.
  4. Visual acuity: you’ll need to read an eye chart at various distances. We’ll also use a phoropter (which involves you looking through a series of lenses) and a retinoscope to evaluate refractive error, which is one way to diagnose astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness.
  5. Ocular health: Dr. Krietlow will look at your retina and inner eye tissues closely with a high-powered lens. This will allow us to detect or rule out any eye diseases.

Upon completion of a comprehensive eye exam in our Blaine practice, we’ll meet with you to discuss our findings and determine the most suitable treatment for your needs.

When do you need a complete eye evaluation?

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), the following guidelines should be followed:

Children should have their first pediatric eye exam at a half-year old, followed by another at 3 years of age. After this, a total eye exam should be performed before entering school, around 5-6 years old. If no vision problems or pediatric risk factors are present, follow-up eye exams should be done every two years. However, if your child wears eyeglasses or needs vision treatment, eye exams are needed more frequently, as advised by your eye doctor.

Risk factors for kids include:

  • Premature birth
  • Past eye injury
  • Developmental delays
  • Crossed eyes, or an eye that turns out
  • Other physical diseases
  • Family history of eye disease

Adults who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses should have annual eye exams at all ages. If you don’t wear vision correction, then yearly ocular exams are recommended above age 40, as the risk of many common eye diseases, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, rises with age. Once you are over 60 years old, it is advised to undergo eye exams more frequently, according to your eye doctor’s instruction. Learn about our advanced Clarifye eye exam technology which gives accurate results.

In addition, particular risk factors point to a need for more regular examinations of your eyes. This includes conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, which can have a strong impact on ocular health.

Is it time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam for you or your kids?

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