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Focusing on Eye Patches

Lazy eyes are extremely common, and are also quite easy to fix. A lazy eye develops when vision in one eye is stifled. Vision might be suppressed if someone isn't able to see well through one eye because of issues with distance vision, and in some cases, astigmatism, or something else that's obstructing clear vision in that eye. Usually, patches are recommended in the treatment of a lazy eye. We generally instruct our patients to wear their patch for a couple of hours each day, and patients will usually also need corrective glasses. Patching.

In some cases, it can be frustratingly challenging to have your son or daughter wear an eye patch, and no less if they are really young. Their more active eye is covered with the patch, which infringes on their ability to see. It's a confusing paradox- your child needs to wear the patch to better their weaker eye, but can't happen unless their better eye is covered, which temporarily limits their sight. There are quite a few methods that make eyepatches a bit funner for kids to wear. Employing the use of a reward system with stickers can be great for some kids. Eye patch manufacturers sympathize with your plight; patches are sold in loads of kid-friendly colors and patterns. Take advantage of all the options and make it fun by giving them the chance to choose a different patch each day and then putting a sticker on the chart when the patch is properly worn. Older kids will be able to intellectualize the process, so it's helpful to have a talk about it.

Another method some parents have found success with is also placing a patch on their child's favorite doll or stuffed animal. For very young children, there are flotation wings to keep them from reaching their eyes to remove the patch.

A good outcome needs your child's cooperation and your ability to stay focused on the long-term goal of helping your child's vision.