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See Your Child Off To School with Good Vision

It's been a wonderful summer and it's hard to believe it's already August. Kids across the country are preparing for the next academic year, equipped with backpacks, textbooks and a whole lot of energy. It's also a wonderful time to take your child in for an eye exam.

About 80% of school-based learning is achieved visually. Despite the strong link between sight and learning, a lot of parents don't realize how profoundly vision problems affect education, and as a result, don't get their child's eyes checked regularly. It's important to know that because vision in children changes, regular eye exams are necessary for success at school.

Kids, it's worth noting, have the amazing ability to carry on, despite having a vision problem. It is extra important to look out for the indicators of vision problems as your child progresses through school.

Not being able to meet the visual requirements in the classroom can impact his or her performance. New educational technology, like interactive whiteboards, can even provoke previously hidden vision problems. Without adequate vision, students may suffer not just at school, but also mentally, physically and emotionally.

If you're the parent of a child who wears glasses already, now is also a perfect time to see if their prescription is still adequate. Even though your child might be able to see wearing his or her old glasses, they may be uncomfortable to wear or perhaps the lenses are not optimally positioned anymore due to normal development. If kids don't feel comfortable in their glasses, they probably won't wear them much.

Find a good time to visit us when you're getting your children prepared for their year. We'll help all the kids we treat commence the new school year with excellent vision.