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Yearly Eye Exams with AccuExam

Your Family's Vision

Accurate, friendly and comprehensive eye care is an essential part of maintaining the overall visual health of the entire family. Routine eye exams, screenings for eye diseases and proper development, and keeping up with constantly changing eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions all play a vital part in the long term visual health of every member of the family from youngest to oldest.


AccuExam for your yearly eye exam in BlaineFourtunatly, Dr Krietlow & Associates now have a way to bring you even more accurate vision testing with the new AccuExam machine. AccuExam is a machine used at Lenscrafter offices to provide better eyecare. This new machine can read the shape of your eye and test for diseases in a matter of seconds. It can help your eye doctor find your prescription quickly and accurately. Dr. Krietlow  is always aiming to help families live every day with their clearest, most comfortable vision possible and now he has taken huge strides in doing so.

Pediatric Eye Exams in Blaine

close 20up 20of 20blue 20eyed 20blond 20childProper eye care for the whole family starts with routine eye exams. Among the most important reasons for children is the central role that proper vision plays in his or her initial, as well as ongoing, success in schoolwork and extra-curricular activities. Dr. Krietlow explains, “The eyes are responsible for a great deal of our every day sensory experience. The eyes are, therefore, the main vehicle through which most of us learn. This is why it is so important to safeguard this incredibly valuable instrument of education and experience. Also important for children are eye exams focusing on the early detection and treatment of eye conditions like amblyopia and strabismus. These conditions can be treated very easily in early childhood, but become much more complicated if allowed to advance and develop into later childhood and adulthood”.
With children it is especially hard to get an accurate prescription with a manual eye exam. They can be tired, fidget or not want to work with the optometrist. AccuExam is comfortable and easy to use. With the new machine in our Blaine, MN office, your child will have a different experience during their next eye exam.

Adult Eye Care

For Mom and Dad, eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions are usually pretty stable and rarely change. Unfortunately, this leads many adults to believe that comprehensive eye exams are only for their children, and that they no longer need routine check ups to maintain good vision health.
However, in some respects it is even more important for Mom and Dad to have their annual check up than their children. This is because adults, especially those 40 years old and above, and those with underlying health issues such as diabetes, are at significantly increased risk of developing sight-threatening conditions, such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. Proper routine check ups, with a focus on early detection of these and other potentially harmful eye conditions, should be considered an important part of every adult's health regimen. With AccuExam we are able to test for many diseases in no time at all.
Our comprehensive family eye care includes all the most important tests and screenings to determine the overall eye health of you and your children, the whole family for corrective lenses, and make sure that the whole family sees comfortably and clearly for many years to come. Come see us today to experience what makes AccuExam the future of good eye care.